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Rust in Peace

Sequel to I just wanted to be Human

Link: tumblrArchive of our OwnDeviant Art

Author: Giraffesonparade/achgfd

Category: Angst, drama, feels, action

Rating: pg-13

Word Count: 19,950


Characters: Spine, Rabbit, Hatchworth, Jon, Michael Reed, Steve Negrete, Matt Smith, Holly Cooper, Peter Walter the 6th, Dr. Steel, more tba

Short Synopsis: Spine is is worried for his older brother and with good reason. Some shocking news sends the entire household spiraling into chaos. But Spine knows this enemy all too well. His rage making it difficult to show mercy. But if he doesn’t hold back, isn’t he becoming what she wanted to all along? Can he keep his synthetic emotions in check long enough to save his brothers. All of them?


I Just Wanted to be Human

Link: tumblr, Archive of our Own, Deviant Art

Author: Giraffesonparade/achgfd

Category: Angst, drama, feels, action

Rating: pg-13

Word Count: 42,015


Characters: Spine, Rabbit, Hatchworth, Jon, Michael Reed, Holly Cooper, Peter Walter the 5th, Peter Walter the 6th

Short Synopsis: Spine hasn’t been acting himself lately and after a near death encounter, Rabbit tries to put the pieces together to find out what happened. Shouldering the responsibility to save the others before they are destroyed internally.


New requests tab

We got a few requests lately and so I’ve started a new requests tab! To help start this I’m gonna ask for you guys to give us some requests! Just in case theres a writer out there who wants to write, but isn’t sure what to write! 


giraffesonparade asked: Can we submit links to where our fanfics are?

I was waiting to see if any of the other staff saw this, apparently not. And it appears no one else is active. So I shall try and keep the place steaming along.

Either way: Yes you can. Since I know not everyone uses tumblr for writing. (Gdocs is great for layouts and stuff) 


Anonymous asked: Hello! I was going to submit a fic, but there's no readmore link? I'm really sorry if this is a stupid question, I haven't submitted a fic to any page before, sorry ;u;

That’s okay! Submit it anyway, and I can edit a readmore right into it! uvu